Knowing to Call the Electrician!

Matt decided to do the new wiring himself,

Saying we could save a lot of money his way.

I wanted to call in the pros, don’t you know,

But I relented , not wanting to start a fray.

But as I walked in the basement and I saw

An arc of fire, I knew we were in a plight.

So, I ran back upstairs to call for help,

Just before the whole hood lost its lights.

My dear husband sat all shame-faced,

Covered in soot from his head to his toes.

But he listened to the fireman who said,

Always leave electricity to those in the know.

Written for the Three Things Challenge #210 from Pensitivity 101. The prompts are arc, back, and hood. I thought of this poem because my husband, Douglas, has decided that rather than pay thousands to have our new basement wired, he could do it himself from watching YouTube videos. I am still shaking! I need him to go back to work, sooner than later!

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