Mending The Fabric of Society in a Crisis: Weekend Writing Prompt

We are all in this crisis together

Is the fabric of our society.

We’re not alone in the struggle,

That belief lessens our anxiety.

But, lately the fabric is fraying,

Torn by protests and lies told.

Politicians wanting elderly lives sacrificed

Just so a few doodads can be sold.

“There’re more important things than living,”

Shouts one to open the economy!

Let’s play Hunger Games with people over 60.

Has the whole world lost its autonomy?

Our moral objectivity has been lost

Under the influence of our desires.

I wish for an end to this nightmare,

Where the death counts go no higher.

But trading one generation for the next

Can’t be considered as the way.

We have to work to keep everyone safe,

If we are all to see another day.

Written for the Weekend Writing Prompt from Sammiscribles:Fabric in exactly 131 words.

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