Knowing What’s Best: First Line Friday

“I gave up on feeling brave a long time ago.” Ginny was explaining to her friend, Leah, about her decision to not marry a man whom she didn’t love. Yes, Keith was rich and outgoing, and marrying him would certainly be seen a a great thing for her, as her mother continues to remind her each day.

But, you see, Keith has a king personality, and he views his home as his castle! He feels it necessary to remind me that his definition of masculinity is the man who controls his own home and destiny. For me, by extension, as his wife, I would also be part of his realm, being controlled and remaining controllable.

So, while I am scared of being alone in my old age, as well-meaning friends insist on telling me that I will be if I don’t take this last chance at marriage, I am not sure that my desire for a companion and to not be seen as a “loser” by friends and family outweigh my desire for peace and transquility in my latter years.

So, I can be “brave” and marry that insufferable man, surrendering my life choices and my voice, or I can choose not to be brave and live alone! I prefer the latter!

Fictional story for First Line Friday from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Fandango prompt is Fact. Word of the day Challenge is King. The Daily Spur prompt is Voice.

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