The Tourist Guides from Hades!

Shay, the blonde tourist guide from Hades, called to us with that infernal bell. By the end of the tour, I was wishing to place that bell in you know where! All of us wanted to remain another hour at the Rijksmuseum, a wonderful landmark in Amsterdam, but our plaintive cries went unheeded, because she had to stick to her routine.

She nearly had a heart attack when I said that I needed to use the “little girls’ room,” telling me to use the one on the bus, but there wasn’t any running water in there! So she waited, but she glowered at me as I returned to the bus.

As we entered the dark bus, nearly blind after so much sunlight, my husband, Bill, and I clinged to each other, as we searced for our seats. Seated, I said to Bill, “We have to start planning our own trips! I believe it will be easy to do!”

With those beautiful piercing brown eyes that had captivated me over 50 years ago, he rallied with me, because at over six feet tall, his poor knees were stuck in his belly, as we were crammed side by side on the smallest touring bus I had ever saw. No more tourists guides from Hades for us, and we won’t grieve the loss!

Semi-fictional story written for Wordle #193 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Prompt words in bold print. Fandango prompt is Landmark. Ragtag prompt is Belly. Word of the Day Challenge is Grieve. Your daily Prompt is Rally. The daily Spur is Routine.

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