Really, It Wasn’t My Fault!

Photo from Morguefile

Without the rancor I felt at my driving being criticized,

I reminded my dear one that I wasn’t the one at fault

For this debacle that we found ourselves in right now,

But he took my righteous anger with a grain of salt.

Mapquest had told me to go east at the next corner,

But I needed an ordianry “go left” or “go right.”

And because he was taking an ill-timed siesta,

He couldn’t assist me as I came up to the light.

So, going a little faster than I should’ve,

I missed very badly as I tried a smooth left turn.

Now you laugh with the officers at my calamity,

And I have a ticket to pay that I don’t believe I earned.

Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction, June 14, 2020. Fandango prompt is Ordinary. Ragtag prompt is Siesta. Word of the Challenge is Rancor. Your Daily Prompt is Righteous. The Daily Spur prompt is East.

9 thoughts on “Really, It Wasn’t My Fault!

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  1. Thanks for adding this cute poem to our RDP collection today! Accidents can sometimes appear quite amusing — to bystanders. You just have to fall back on that old line, “To err is human.”


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