A Most Unwelcome Guest: Weekend Writing Prompt

What a windbag that Gerald turned out to be,

Never knowing when he’d said enough.

It was futile for people to try to ignore him,

For he would just add in some extra fluff.

His words would never inspire anyone,

For his life of ease no one begrudged.

And though his remarks were unwelcomed,

On remaining silent, he just wouldn’t budge.

So, people stopped inviting him to come

To their fetes and parties and other events.

After a few weeks of spending weekends alone,

He came to understand what they meant.

Written for the Weekend Writing Prompt for Sammiscribbles: Unwelcome in 91 words exactly. Fandango prompt is Begrudge. Ragtag prompt is Windbag. Word of the Day Challenge is Futile. Your Daily Prompt is Inspire. The Daily Spur prompt is Ease.

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