To New Starts in Life: Retiring Again!

I thought going back to work would be so idyllic.

Then the virus came, and I couldn’t leave my home.

No excursions meant that my house became my workplace,

And I had went back to teaching to avoid always being alone.

No longer could I glide between the separate parts of my life,

Unable to fill the first minutes of class with trivia and laughs.

Instead, I was expected to Zoom for hours with many students

Who came to the meetings totally unprepared for our class.

There can be no feelings of triumph when speaking in a void

With individuals who look thoroughly uninterested and bored.

So, I look forward to new starts in life with excitement and fear,

And to traveling again one day soon, so my sanity can be restored.

Written for Tale Weaver #282 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The prompt is New Start. Fandango prompt is Idyllic. Ragtag prompt is Glide. Word of the Day Challenge is Trivia. Your Daily Prompt is Excursion. The Daily Spur prompt is Triumph.

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