Not the Retirement I Planned to Enjoy, But Blessed

I thought that by now I would be on the beach,

Not worried about lectures I had to teach.

Admittedly, I had no way to predict

That the whole world would become sick,

And that beloved Europe would be out of my reach.

The inevitable will happen, you can be sure,

And we learn that there’s much we can endure.

Yet I am fierce in my belief that someday

I will get a chance to freely frolic and play

When the scientists finally come up with a cure.

I can’t wait to take pictures of funky doors

On the homes in the places I’ll explore.

And I will share them on my blog

On Thursdays as I struggle and slog

To give my followers something over to pore.

For now, I am, like so many, stuck in my home,

With a desire for some adventure and to roam.

But I am lucky I have money and can afford

To stay home and get to read and explore,

Knowing beach holidays some day will come.

Fandango prompt is Inevitable. Ragtag prompt is Beach. Word of the Day Challenge is Fierce. The Daily Spur prompt is Holiday.

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