Dreams of Love, Interrupted: Wordle #202

Carla loved Jack so much that just thinking about him made her tremble! She had concupiscent thoughts of him, dreaming that they were laying side by side, with the expanse of the lily pond before them, their toes entwined as the golden fish circled by.

As the wind ruffled her hair and rays of sunshine warmed her skin, she felt triumphant and elysian thoughts of Jack and her shedding their jobs and spending their days eating coconut cake and bear paws dipped in rich, dark chocolate. For the much-needed exercise that followed, they would work together to plant the greenery that would hide their abode from the world, leaving them isolated from everyone else, not having to share their sweets with others.

She came back to reality when she felt the cold proboscis of Gabby, her Great Dane. Dogs just aren’t romantic when it’s time to eat!

I felt like being silly today for the Wordle #202 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie! The prompts are in bold print. The Word of the Day Challenge is Proboscis. I had a heck of a time trying to use it. That makes it a great prompt!

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