Be Safe, Not Sorry: Wordle #203

I took this picture in Kauai, Hawaii in 2012. What beauty!

Looking down into the whirlpools created by the ocean, Jessica’s inanition disappeared. The thought that the waters here had thundered for centuries, carving the rocks into the beauty that she was loving, enthralled her and caused her to want to get nearer to the action.

She started down the hillside, ignoring the rules clearly posted, and oblivious to warnings regarding the strong and dangerous underwater currents. When a young man tried to tell her that it wasn’t safe to venture any further, she gave him a curt nod and continued her trek.

She thought to herself, “I will only visit here one time, and I don’t plan to waste my time simply standing around with a lot of strangers who are too content or too scared for a true adventure.”

But, when she slipped and started sliding down toward the waters, it was that young man who jumped into action, grabbing her just before she plunged into the water. He held her close to his chest, as they waited for rescue.

As she was wheeled into the ambulance, she decided that next year she would stick to attending the local Cherry Blossom Festival. It would be a lot safer, right?

Fictional story written for Wordle #203 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The prompts are in bold print.

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