Beauty Found in Oddity!

The lizard thingy stared at Carol. Carol had never seen anything that looked so odd, like a cross between a hamster and a dinosaur, with a little Dizzy Gillespie in when he blew his trumpet. Others might think that he was ugly, but his true beauty was in his oddity.

He was lovely to her, because of his bravery, the way he slithered right up to her, interested in her in ways that many humans weren’t. But, then, she too, was an oddity, due to the fire that she had set as a young girl to heat the cold house.

She’d suffered second-degree burns to her face. People loved bullying her, telling her that she looked like a combination of raccoon and human. Normally, their unkindness didn’t bother her, but one night she had let loose with a few unladylike words for the latest guy who had insulted her looks.

“Benny gave her an admiring look. He had never heard a woman swear so much in such a short time. He thought it sounded delightful. He approached her, telling her that he thought she was beautiful. Once she realized that he was sincere, she saw her beauty in her oddity.

With the combination of the picture above and the words in italics in the story, we were asked to write a story of no more than 250 words, in 50-words increments by Debbie Whittam for 50 Word Thursday #86.

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