Why Did the Dream Become a Nightmare?

My youngest great-grandchild and me. I hope the Dream will become real in her lifetime.

On the 57th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, the headlines are filled with news of protests against racial injustice and fears for our black sons and daughters. I had so hoped that with the passage of the Civil Rights Act and the strides made in race relations over the last 50-plus years, that our nation would be in a better place. I thought there would no more need to give our children the “talk,” that conversation on what to do if they are stopped by the police and get scared. but we must continue to advise them, so they can come home safe. Yet, I dare to hope!

One drop of black blood is all that it takes

For us of brown skin to become objects of hate.

Don’t matter how kind or successful we be,

To some, all that matters is our ancestry.

There was a Dream of justice and equality,

A hope for togetherness without animosity.

But the previous election of a Black president

Angered those who see us as second-class residents.

To those who think of America as a place for whites,

His election is the reason for their struggles and strife.

So they elected a man who spews their brand of hate,

As they attempt to make their bigotry legitimate.

But no matter the ugly things about us they say,

We believe, by God, the Dream will come true some day.

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