The Evolution of True Love!

In the beginning, they are ecstatic to see each other. Both are hunters looking for true love.. Time apart nearly drives them crazy. “When will I see you again?,” becomes a constant question.

In the middle, fantabulous love doesn’t have to remain so intense, silences become lovely! Talking and sharing heartfelt dreams and wishes, Yet, not every thought needs to be shared. They smile at each other and say, “You know me so well!”

In the end, love lingers in the heart and soul for the one who seemed to be able to look into the windows of their lover’s soul. She holds his hands, gives him permission to escape the pain, and says, “I will be fine! Death cannot defeat our love! We will be together again, my Dear!”

Written for the Three Things Challenge from Pensitivity 101: beginning, middle, end. Fandango prompt is Hunter. Ragtag prompt is Fantabulous. Word of the Challenge is Ecstatic. Your Daily Prompt is Intense. The Daily Spur prompt is Window.

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