One Last Walk to the Summit: Wordle #206

The diagnosis wasn’t going to change, but Janna was at peace here in the air and out of the sick room. Regardless of the pain in her ankles that the unfamilair boots caused her as she walked on pine needles, she was determined to reach the summit of the hill.

The ineffable view of trees, the lake, and the mountains in the distance extended for miles. Even on a grey and wet day, there was no denying the soul-affirming beauty that caused her to reflect on how appreciative she has been for her time in this vale of joy and pain, triumphs and losses, and love and loathing. What a ride it has been!

Written for Wordle #206 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The twelve words are ineffable, vale, summit, boots, ankle, wet, grey, pain, reflect, walk, pine needles, and extend.

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