So Grateful to be One of Your Neighbors

“Who is my neighbor?” I have been thinking of what a contemporary answer to this question might be, if I were asked it today. I believe that the blogging community that I am blessed to participate in helps me understand what it means to be a neighbor, similar to the story told of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37.

Through blogging, I have connected with people across the globe, from Mexico to Russia to the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States. These blog posts have been a God-send in these turbulent and uncertain times when my country is so divided and hate is nearly palpable.

Reading the hopeful and beautiful comments left on blogs of those with chronic pain and mental health issues demonstrates that our neighbors aren’t just the people in our communities or even our countries. Instead, our neighbors are those who empathize with our sufferings, griefs, despair, and in times of illness and loss.

But, also, our neighbors are those who read our blog posts on anniversaries and birthdays and in times of triumph (like having a book published!), and send us kind words of congratulations and hops for continued success. They have never seen us face-to-face, and yet their spirits connect with ours over the distances, languages, ages, races, religions, political beliefs, and social classes that separate us, making us one worldwide community of lovely neighbors.

I am so encouraged each day by the love and respect that I read in the blog sites I follow. Yes, as in any neighborhood, I don’t always agree with my blogger neighbors on issues, but I have learned to read that which is the opposite to what I believe, so that I can understand why others feel differently from me.

Like a good neighbor, I don’t feel the need to correct people’s thinking or tell them that they are wrong. I have the choice to like or not like what I read, so I don’t get in a huff and send ugly words or stop following the bloggers. If I had done so, I would have missed so much other wonderful knowledge and pictures.

So, who is my neighbor! You are! The people whom I read every day who supply me with poetry that touches my soul and increases my faith, with prose that makes me wonder why didn’t I think of that for that prompt, and with photos that quench my wanderlust in these times when Americans are banned from my beloved Europe.

I love your stories, fiction and non-fiction, and my vocabulary has grown, as many days I have to look up the definition of the prompts. Augury, indeed! Now, that is a great neighbor who expans your knowledge base!

Through your posts filled with Scriptures and teachings on Scriptures, I daily connect with my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ, as the Holy Spirit connects us to each other and to God. You make sure of that, and I thank you.

I have traveled the physical, spiritual, and metaphysical worlds through your posts and your kindnesses. I am so thankful and full of joy at being your neighbor! Be safe, my friends!

Fandango prompt is Ominous. Your Daily Prompt is Augury.

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