The Reluctant Hero Triumphs: Three Things Challenge #419

When Aaron and Jane saw that the thieves had bolted with the sacred scroll, she told him that only he was adept at following those rogues and saving humanity from destruction. At first, he refused to even consider taking action, believing that she was in a state of denial if she believed that he, a short high school math teacher, was capable of such derring-do.

But, because he desired to justify the faith she had in him, he grabbed his goggles, jumped on his scooter, and went to save the scroll. Following the luminescence emitted by the ark that contained the scroll, Aaron caught up with the thieves.

Using his mathematical powers of persuasion, he convinced the young thugs that the object they had stolen had no monetary value. Giving them $20 for their troubles, he retrieved the item. He returned the scroll to the synagogue.

As Jane spoke admiringly of his courage, the reluctant hero remembered what his father had told him when he complained that he wouldn’t ever be a hero as small as he was. Father was right: Sometimes brains are better than brawn.

Fiction written for the Three Things Challenge #419 from Pensitivity 101: bolt, scroll, and goggles. fandango prompt is Adept. Ragtag prompt is Luminescence. Word of the Day Challenge is Rogue. Your Daily Prompt is Denial. The Daily Spur prompt is Refuse.

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