Fandango’s Provocative Question #99: What do you think are the three most pressing issues facing us today?

For me, the three most pressing issues facing us today are the potential loss of a democratic society, racial hatred, and the cost of health care. With the constant assault on the election in America, I am scared that many Americans are comfortable with the idea of destroying the electoral process and democracy, if it means that their way of seeing the world is retained. I am astounded that Republican leaders in Congress won’t speak out against Trump’s attempt to undermine fair and equitable elections, going along with his insanity. Also, here in Georgia, some counties have started to close early-voting places, making it harder for voters, particularly black voters and poor voters, to have access to the runoff election, another attempt at voter suppression.

Second, racial hatred in America has reached a level not seen since the 1950s and 1960s. I thought we were passed this craziness, but I fear being black in America today more than I did as a child, and I was terrified then of dying just because of my beautiful brown skin. Today, I read of a white male being arrested for the death of a black woman, who, when arrested, said that he was “teaching her a lesson.” I am not sure what that lesson was, but reading nearly daily of blacks having the cops called on them in their places of residence, colleges, workplaces, and just on the streets by white people who think of America as a white country is depressing and frightening. It has become okay to speak racist jargon and tell blacks to “act white” because the racial rhetoric comes from the White House, from a president who sees race division as a source of getting and retaining power. To think that one man could set this country back by nearly a hundred years on race issues is amazing and scary!

Lastly, the cost of health care in America is awful. Today I read of a woman who caught the coronavirus and was hospitalized. She had no insurance and just received a bill for over $34,000. I was in the hospital in September for one night, and the bill was nearly $14,000, and I paid only about $300, because I have Medicare for seniors. Without that, I would have to decide between food and paying the hospital. It is utter nonsense, but trying to get universal healthcare is billed as socialism, rather than as a right to healthcare. I am more a moderate, but just having any liberal leanings now means that I am seen as anti-American and unpatriotic!

How can we find ourselves in America back to the middle and to acknowledging that the election was fair, race matters, and that evey person should have their hospital bills for COVID-19 care paid by the government for lack of caring or ction on the virus? I sorrow for my nation, even as I love it and pray for it daily!

Written for the Fandango Provacative Question #99.

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