A Letter to Santa from A Senior Citizen

Dear Santa,

I never wrote a letter to you as a child, because I never knew where I might be, as my sister and I changed homes a lot. I don’t have any memories of any of the Christmases before I became a mother. My children would write you letters, and you answered them quite liberally, for which I am deeply grateful. Now, it is grandchildren and great-grandchildren who are the authors of letters to you. But as a child at heart, I decided to send you a letter, finally.

In regards to if I have been nice or naughty, I admit that I have often been less than virtuous in my behavior, but I tried to never hurt anyone. I am sure you know that it’s hard to be nice every day for all of the years that I have lived, so I hope that my nice outweighs my naughty and that you will answer affirmative to my two requests.

First, I wish to reconcile with my friends who have different political views than I have. While we may disagree on some beliefs, I believe that we can still show each other respect and, yes, love. Then, I want everyone to recognize the sublime wonder of the earth, so that in our appreciation, we will work to conserve our planet, even becoming more willing to drive compact cars in the United States.

I know these are a little harder to create than bicycles and dolls, but if we are to leave a world for our children and grandchildren to have great lives, including being able to breath and to live in peacefulness with their neighbors, then I would ask you to do your best to provide them. You have shown yourself to be quite innovative over the years, producing new and wondrous toys and games each Christmas season.

Thank you for reading my letter, Santa, and I hope to see evidence that my requests have been answered. Oh, and an air fryer under the tree would be most appreciated, for me to enjoy some chicken wings.

Written for the Sunday Writing Prompt: Letter to Santa. Fandngo prompt is Virtuous. Ragtag prompt is Compact. Word of the Day is Sublime. Your Daily Prompt is Reconcile.

7 thoughts on “A Letter to Santa from A Senior Citizen

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  1. Thanks for joining in the prompt and I hope you get your air fryer gift — whatever that is. Sadly, I’m not sure about attitude-changing miracles. Usually takes a change of heart, when people really want to change.


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