Luck is a Fickle Mistress: First Line Friday

The dice tumbled and the table leaned forward with held breath. Ray stood there in the midst of the gamblers, beckoning Shari to come to him, as he thought that she had brought him good luck in the past. He was watching to see if his opponent would have a good throw. He just couldn’t afford to lose tonight! He had already lost most of the rent money, and his wife had threatened him with a divorce, if he didn’t show up with the rent for this month.

As the dice settled and stopped rolling, Ray was gleeful because his opponent had rolled a loser! Now, all Ray needed was a winning roll, to recoup all of his losses for the night. He stood up off his comfortably padded seat, took the dice in his right hand, blew on them, kissed them, and grabbed “lucky” Shari around the waist. Then, he threw the roll that would decide the future of his marriage! Once again, people looked on with bated breath!

As the dice settled, Ray looked on in horror! He had lost it all! What was he going to tell his wife? He truly loved her and didn’t want to lose her, but he admitted that he loved gambling more! He didn’t even bother calling her. If only “Lady Luck” was as reliable as his wife!

Fictional story written for First-Line Friday, December 18, 2020 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The prompt is in bold. Also written for the Three Things Challenge #453: beckoning, padded, and love.

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