Healing My Inner Child: What Do You See? #61

Image Credit: Tim Hufner @ Unsplash

I grieved the childhood that she missed,

That little girl who was unloved and unwanted.

Through the years, I felt her hunger and pain,

And by her presence, I was continuously haunted.

Oh, the mistakes I made trying to find her relief.

I searched for the love she craved in the wrong places.

Not being taught to know where the heart finds peace,

I wasn’t skilled at recognizing the devil’s faces.

Then, one day, my adult self prayed most fervently

For solace for the little girl who lived within me.

I knew that until she had found what she needed,

I would never find the joy that sets humans free.

What was needed for our wholeness and health

Was to realize that she was worthy of being loved,

For it is in recognizing your own value and worth

That self-acceptance enters the heart like a flood.

So, that little girl who lives inside my soul has

Found the peace and joy that heals the heart,

Through an encounter with the God in whom’s

Image she was made who has loved her from the start.

Written for What Do You See? #61 from Keep It Alive. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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