Living in Unexpected Worlds Through Books: Photo Challenge #347

Photo by Annija Veldre

What’s next in life when you’ve lived beyond your dreams?

I’ve been to places I could never have imagined as a little girl?

I’ve gathered the momentos of each impossible adventure,

And carry them in my heart as if I hold in my hands the world.

Looking back at the poverty and hopelessness in my past,

It seemed ridiculous to hope that I would be one to break through.

And I still marvel that I dared to believe in a different life,

And even more that those wishes and desires would come true.

But, I learned along the way that without a belief in possibilities,

Life becomes of series of oops and what-ifs that lead to dark places.

It is visualizing what the future can hold that brings in the light,

Because what we see in our minds seems to draw us to those spaces.

So give the poorest children books and open up for them the worlds,

For books expand our minds and motivate us to want bigger things.

They show us what is possible beyond the narrowness of our lives,

And when we’re able to live unexpected lives, oh, the joy it brings.

Written for Photo Challenge #347 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Fandango prompt is Ridiculous. Ragtag prompt is What’s Next. Word of the Day is Hope. Your Daily Prompt is Oops.

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