No Sweet Young Thing for My Husband

What a title, I know! But, Douglas and I were talking as I read my Bible this morning. He was bent over a little, which signals a backache or painful joints. I kidded him that insisting on spending much of the day in the king cave, also known as the beasement, meant that his 70-year-old bones and jpoints would hurt.

He responded by telling me the story of King David’s attendants recruiting a beautiful young woman name Abishag to lie beside the king and keep him warm, as he could not keep warm even when they put covers on him. Granted, she was not to be intimate with him. He, then, asked me how old King David was when this occurred, and, of course, I didn’t know the answer.

He responded gleefully, “He was 70 years old, like me!” I quickly said, “It ain’t going to happen for you.” I told him the best I could do for him was to increase the heat setting on his side of the electric blanket! Then we both started laughing at how fast I shut down that story arc.

I very much doubted that David was 70, but being the researcher that I am, I checked, and by golly, Douglas was right, which I should have known he was. Maybe today’s 70 is the new 50, after all! I found it amazing that at that age not only did he need someone to keep him warm, but he wasn’t interested in any sexual shenanigans.

This will be one of those stories Douglas with share with both of our kids, kidding that this was one practice from the Bible I was not interested in pursuing. We’ll laugh about it every time I tell him to turn up the heat on his side of the bed rather than sticking his cold feet on my side where the heat setting is on as far as it will go, because he likes to kid me!

Sorry, Abishag!

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