We Make Our Own Luck: Sunday Writing Prompt

Walking early on the trail from his house to the village, Jonathan lingered near the old oak tree where it was believed that you could find an occasional four-leaf clover, which was rumored to bring good luck. He greatest want was to have his dress designs seem by a famous designer and be offered a job in a posh fashion house.

So far, he had failed to impress anyone but his mother. Being “discovered” would mean a new lease on life and the opportunity to quit his old boring job. Also, he would have more money to spend, as it seemed that his wages were liquid, drained away in the blink of an eye.

As he bent over to look closer to the ground, he felt a presence, and when he looked up, he was staring at Mr. Gaddis, his former music teacher. Mr. Gaddis asked, “Have you lost something, Jonathan?” Feeling somewhat uncomfortable, Jonathan answered, “No, Sir! I was trying to increase my luck by finding a four-leaf clover. I know that sounds crazy!”

Mr. Gaddis responded, “Jonathan, a four-leaf clover will not bring you luck, if you have not done the work needed to meet your destiny. You must broaden your outlook on life! You have to find the courage to leave what is comfortable and seek what you want. Dreaming of instant fame will not change anything, Son. Stop looking for a shortcut, Jonathan, and do the hard work that brings success. Ultimately, you make your own luck!”

As Jonathan watched Mr. Gaddis walk away, he thought, “What does he know? He’s nobody important!” But, Mr. Gaddis knew well, because he had failed to listen to the same advice thirty-five years before, when he had wanted to play in a rock and roll band and thought he could be discovered in the same little village. How he regretted not seeking his own luck!

Fictional story written for the Sunday Writing Prompt from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: Getting Lucky. Fandango prompt is Liquid. Ragtag prompt is Trail. Your Daily Prompt is Linger. The Daily Spur prompt is Designer. The Three Things Challenge #474 prompts from Pensitivity 101 are want, early, outlook.

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  1. While I do somewhat agree with Mr Gaddis: you need to do the work and find the doors that aren’t locked, Mr Gaddis is probably better off to have missed becoming a rock & roll star. Most of them don’t fare very well, either. 😉

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