Marriage: Natural or Artificial?

Sometimes when we’re together, and I feel so apart from you,

I wonder if marriage is a natural state or an artifical construct.

But then I start to think of the relationships that I’ve witnessed,

And the answer to that question comes down to people’s conduct.

For some people, marriage is a step expected at a certain age,

But for others it’s the culmination of a love that can’t be denied.

For me, I think of our marriage as a gift at this time in our lives,

As natural and life-sustaining as the God who serves as our guide.

Yes, people must have strategies to ensure that marriages last,

Subjective to the needs and wants of each one whose involved.

But I’ve learned that love grows when genuine concern is shown,

And with communication, there’s few problems that can’t be solved.

Written for the Saturday Mix, Opposing Forces, from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The prompts are together and apart; answer and question. Fandango prompt is Strategy. Your Daily Prompt is Concern. The daily Spur prompt is Subjective.


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