Being a Prince Charming: Tale Weaver #311

You see me as I really am, not as you would have me to be,

Accepting my warts and foibles, without asking me to change.

And in the loveliness of your attention and welcoming looks,

I find that I cease to feel so different from others or strange.

You never ask if I could be slimmer, losing ten pounds or more,

Nor suggest that I dress more provocatively or just maybe erotic.

Instead, as we traverse this romantic landscape called love,

The way you look at me and perceive me is honestly hynotic.

You are a prince of men, one who sees beyond the expectations

Of a culture that says that a man’s whole if a woman he subdues.

The picture you present to the world is so much better than that,

The humility that allows you to bend down and help me with my shoes.

Written for Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale from Michael at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The prompt is How to Be a Prince Charming. I liked the prompt so much, Michael! Aslo for the Three Things Challenge #485 from Pensitivity 101: picture, slim, ten.

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