Misunderstandings Abound: Three Things Challenge #494

What the eyes don’t see doesn’t stop one believing,

If the meanings of regular words are misunderstood.

No matter how much you try to educate a person,

It’s hard to get them to believe their way isn’t good.

Simple words like rights, unity, ethics, and morality

Tend to get lost so often in politic wrangling over power.

And even when the truth is staring someone in the face,

Lies are accepted, and they refuse to use their brainpower.

How can we find enough common ground and face our foes

As one sovereign nation, under God, indivisible and undivided,

If misunderstandings are left to fester and hate allowed to grow

And each half sees the other half as unpatriotic and misguided?

Written for the Three Things Challenge #494 from Pensitivity 101: meaning, words, and regular. Ragtag prompt is What the Eyes Don’t See. Word of the Day Challenge is Educate.

2 thoughts on “Misunderstandings Abound: Three Things Challenge #494

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  1. I agree but just two days ago I was reminded my opinions are not wanted by a certain family member. It used to be we could discuss anything and respect each other’s opinions. Since T lost, no longer feasible. What a shame.

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