A Misunderstood Unicorn: What Do You See?

Photo Credit: Tim Hufner @ Unsplash

Many have walked through those gates without turning it into a melodrama, as Judith has done! She wants her exit from this godforsaken place to be noticed by the others and properly envied. She has always felt like a unicorn stuck among donkeys.

Few have even tried to understand her, simply writing her off as showy and flamboyant in her style of dressing, so different from the people around her. But, now that she has been chosen as an Internet influencer, she earns the kind of money that allows her to embark on greener pastures. She has made sure that her exit is filmed in a dramatic way, in black and white, as she laughs heartily and waves goodbye as ostentatiously as possible.

Fictional story written for What Do You See? #67 from Keep It Alive. Fandango prompt is Unicorn. Your Daily Prompt is Melodrama. The Three Things Challenge #496 from Pensitivity 101 are many, few, others.

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