Fully Vaccinated: Hoping for Freedom!

Douglas and I took our second dose of the Pfizer Covid vaccine today. So far, we are both feeling alright. We learned that it will take about another two to three weeks for the full effectiveness of the vaccine, and that we must continue to wear masks and social distance.

Douglas has declared March 1 as our day of freedom, and I fully understand that he is ready for the lockdowns of life to end. This is especially true as all four of his children, their spouses and significant others, and his three grandchildren moved to Barbados, so that the children could attend school, rather than video schooling.

He looks forward to joining them, but Barbados is in a lockdown, because some fools escaped the mandatory quarantine and cases started to incease. It seems that no matter how great the system, you can’t factor in people’s obedience. We are not statistics; we are unpredictable and selfish mammals, many of whom don’t like being told what they cannot do.

What I miss most in this hour of Covid-19 is feeling the little hands of my great-grandchildren in my hands. It has been a year since I saw the ones I knew, and there is one whom I haven’t met yet, Mr. Ace. At ages 1-9, some of them won’t know Grandma Gina when they see her again. I will reach out for a hug, and they will look at me as if I have lost my mind. “Who you, Lady?” will be the question in their confused eyes.

I sent a family text just yesterday to let all of my “crew” know how much I love them and miss seeing, hugging, and feeding them (although this part I am sure they don’t miss). Then, as I sat talking to the lady registering me, my cell phone exploded with pictures of great-grandbabies. I told her why, as I was totally embarrassed at the noise my phone was making, even as I was overjoyed at seeing the smallest and youngest beauties of my heart!

I don’t know if being fully vaccinated will give us the freedom we want, mainly because of the numbers of people, younger and older than I am, who have told me that they don’t plan to be vaccinated, due to trust issues regarding the vaccines or the government distributing it. But, today the room we were in was packed with people over 65 years of age who were excited that at least we are moving in some direction.

But, I have done my part, because I have lived long enough to understand that sometimes you have to be in the front of the lines, especially as the oldest generation in my family. I hope that my willingness to be vaccinated will inspire my children and grandchildren to do so, as well as Douglas’s children when they return to America, for Barbados isn’t prepared at this time to do so.

Generations before us lived through wars, plagues, recessions, and so many other difficulties that we can’t even imagine enduring. This time of crises will be talked about for generations to come, and like the cohorts who endured before us until the end, so will we. As much as I want to see my family, I love them to much to put them in harm’s way for my satisfaction. Being vaccinated is a demonstration to them of my undying love.

7 thoughts on “Fully Vaccinated: Hoping for Freedom!

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  1. Congratulations. I’m registered but it will probably be April before they get to those in their seventies. We shall see. Your grandbabies will know you from Zoom and Skype which to them will seem normal ways of seeing people..This too shall pass. i hope.


  2. Congrats. Hope you’re feeling okay today–a bit rough is quite common on day 2 after shot 2. My partner was droopy for a few days. My age group is in process now, I hope to get mine soon. Stay well and enjoy the possibility of expanded horizons!

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  3. So glad you and your love got your second shots! My husband and I have had ours because of the line of work we are in, and our oldest daughter has as well. Youngest who still lives with us was able to get her first shot through her work (works in another county ). Now hoping son in law can get his, but not sure when that will be as he works entirely from home so his work would not ok him getting it, even though he already has a pacemaker and could be considered high risk for complications from COVID.

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