Dreaming of Home: What Do You See #70

I came to find my idea of the land of Oz,

Where dreams are supposed to come true so easily.

Yet I monthly oscillate between joy and despair,

Because I approached my future so breezily.

People here in these buildings of chrome and glass

Rudely rebuff the daily offerings of my smiles.

Feelings of rejection and isolation engulf me,

As I walk these lonely streets for miles and miles.

I can almost see the yellow house where joy lived,

And I wish that I could replicate its wonders here.

I loved, in no particular order, the smell of mother’s pies,

My father’s sweet embrace, and laughing with my peers.

I’d light a fire in the mornings to warm my frozen heart,

And I would be welcomed home by its soothing light.

But, alas, for now, I am stuck in this heartless jungle,

Just trying to hold on to my sanity with all of my might.

Written for the What Do You See #70 from Keep It Sadje at Keep It Alive. A challenging photo prompt this week. Fandango prompt is Particular. Ragtag prompt is Oscillate. Word of the Day Challenge is Month. Your Daily Prompt is Rebuff. The Daily Spur prompt is Feeling.

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