Going to Visit the Atlantic Ocean

I am going to visit the Atlantic Ocean,

That awesome wonder of nature I’ve sorely miss.

I’m looking forward to seeing that beautiful blue

And staring out where the horizon and the sky kiss.

I hope it remembers this woman who loves it dearly,

As I linger for days in the place that I chose,

Because I won’t look the same as I did the last time,

For I will have a mask covering my mouth and nose.

I will be sure to social distance on a bench alone,

As I enjoy the beauty of God’s great creation.

I just need the tranquility and joy the water brings,

No matter the differing nature of my situations.

I will blog about it when we return home,

And catch up on my likes and comments.

But, I need this diversion of nature’s call,

Because, for me, the ocean is Heaven-sent.


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