A Resilient, Courageous, and Loving Helper: Happy International Women’s Day

Photo from Jayson Hinrichson @Unsplash

Standing in remembrance of you today,

A woman of such great strength and worth.

You lifted the veil of shame and showed me your scars.

Now, I know that I can survive anywhere on this Earth.

You taught me outer beauty shouldn’t be my goal,

But making my opinions known and holding to my pride.

You told me to never forget that I am marvelous.

You were so wonderful, freely serving as my guide.

Written for What Do You See #72 from Keep It Alive. The Bonus Wordle from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie asked us to find a poem and use it for the twelve prompts. I chose the poem below. I dedicate it and my poem to all of the women who have helped me be restored, renewed, and redeemed, especially the women whose blogs inspire me every day through narratives, stories, and poems, Happy International Women’s Day. Thank God for making the Helper resilient, courageous, and loving.

The 12 prompts are remembrance, worth, marvelous, strength, pride, woman, scars, opinions, beauty, veil, anywhere, and forget.

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