A Change Will Come, Thankfully!

For Tale Weaver from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

With anxious thoughts racing through her mind, Mavis prayed that a change would come in her life. She was surrounded by evil people, committing all manner of inhumane acts towards each other, with violence a daily occurrence. At age 69, her only hope was to find a new place to live, preferably near water, a place where beauty springs forth in people’s hearts and in nature.

She could no longer suppress her feelings, for her soul was hurting, so she felt she had to put her disgust with the caregivers on the line, letting them know that their shameful deeds were unacceptable to reasonable people. She knew that the nurses and aides would get mad at her and say hateful words, but to stay quiet and pretend that all was well went against the grain for her.

When the email came from an old friend who was recently widowed and who lived on the Mediterranean Sea inviting her to come and live with her, she didn’t wait any longer. They say that when you don’t like how things are, vote with your feet by leaving the situation. That is what Mavis chose to do, for it was past time for a change in her life. Her hope in God was vindicated, and she was praising Him as the plane rose in the sky.

Fictional story written for The Tale Weaver #320 from Michael at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, using the twelve prompts from the Sunday Whirl from Branda Warren: inhumane, hope, wait, vote, evil, race, shame, suppress, water, line, spring, soul.

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