Trying to Make People Listen Can Be Futile, But It’s Necessary

From Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie for First Line Friday

People see what makes sense to them, reality notwithstanding. They don’t listen any more to facts, no matter how detailed. What a sadness, thought Erica as she stood with her poster held high in the air denouncing new laws to suppress the vote for so many people.

Walking home, she felt so discouraged at some of the statements people shouted at her, the ugliness nearly undid her resolve to continue protesting, even if nothing changes. Just knowing that she tries gives her a sense of peace in a world gone crazy, where democracy is in peril from politics and religion, and where lies are accepted as truth, as long as they agree with what one already thinks or is willing to allow to happen.

The human spirit can endure much, but can it survive in a world where no one seeks a middle ground, with divisions so great that name-calling and demonization replace civil discourse and listening to all sides of the issues before decisions are made? Can a society continue with such chasms between idealists on both sides?

Despite the questions and feeling her work may be futile, she lays down her poster, eats a bite of dinner, soaks her feet in Epsom salts for the soreness, and prepares to start all over again tomorrow. The chance of a nation broken beyond repair is too great to sit still and be silent.

Written for First Line Friday for March 26, 2021 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie.

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