The Universe Humbles Us: What Do You See #75

Photo from Jasmin Chew @Unsplash

In that liminal space from childhood and adulthood,

A young person considers maneuvering the world alone.

Butterflies tumble in her stomach at leaving her tribe,

But the tendency is to stop childish things and act grown.

Looking into the greatness of the evening sky above her,

Her smugness at acing the layers of education she has achieved

Is replaced by a humility in reverence to the line of stars

That looked upon the world long before she was conceived.

They have directed people’s paths through life’s uncertainty,

Servings as oracles of direction for those who’d lost their way.

Somehow she knows that whatever trials and troubles come

The One who created moon and stars will be with her every day!

So, she will not fear what the future holds in store for her,

Because of the purity of God’s unfailing and amazing love.

His methods and thoughts are higher than even the sky,

And she believes that He’s watching over her from above.

Written for the What Do You See #75 from Keep It Alive, utilizing the twelve prompts of Wordle #234 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie (see in bold letters) and the three prompts from the Three Things Challenge #552 from Pensitivity 101: evening, replace, smug. Fandango prompt is Method. Ragtag prompt is Ace. Word of the Day Challenge is Purity.

5 thoughts on “The Universe Humbles Us: What Do You See #75

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  1. Masterful use of all the prompts Regina. I am so touched by this beautiful poem. God is with us all the time! Thanks for joining in my friend


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