Do You Humans Really Need More Space to Grow?: Weekend Writing Prompt #204

We don’t have to forage for our food in the outdoors,

But our animal friends still must try to do so.

Yet, we so willing impinge on their habitats,

Making much ado about more room for humans to grow.

If deer or bears or birds could be verbal,

I think they would give us the dressing down we deserve.

They would ask for all operations to build in their spaces

To cease, and request of us their places to live to preserve.

Written for the Weekend Writing Prompt #204 from Sammiscribbles: Forage in 82 words. Ragtag prompt is Operation. The Three Things Challenge # 564 prompts are ado, dressing, and verbal.

2 thoughts on “Do You Humans Really Need More Space to Grow?: Weekend Writing Prompt #204

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  1. No we do not need more space to grow. In fact we need to stop growing. If earth has any chance of surviving we must make having human babies illegal for twenty years. We need to cut the population by over half. In the meantime we need to ban commercial fishing. We need to ban all types of logging and tree clearing. We need to ban plastics and we need to ban hunting. This will never happen because money always wins. So, Earth will lose and so will we all.


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