Fight for the Vote for Everybody!

We are not immune to repeating the mistakes of the past,

Actions that maimed the spirit of a people and a nation.

We cannot allow ourselves to become weary in well doing,

And foist the hatreds of others on another generation.

Voting is speech that the founding fathers failed to endow

On their darker brothers and sisters or their wives and mothers.

So, impressive and courageous women and men across our vast land

Through improper contrivances opened doors for one another.

The amended Constitution is an everlasting testimony that

Goverment sometimes needs to be examined and refreshed.

With the zeal of electricity traveling across the country,

We must ensure that voter suppression efforts are addressed.

Written for the Wordle #246 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The twelve prompt words are in bold. We must fight to not allow the right to vote to be taken away again by lies and deceptions. Blacks and other people voted in record numbers in 2020 because their lives depended on it!

2 thoughts on “Fight for the Vote for Everybody!

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  1. We should not be dealing with voters suppression in 2021. Thank you for sharing and you are right “We cannot allow ourselves to become weary in well doing.” Be safe


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