The Dangers in Bending Over to Please People

Photo Credit to Sarah Whiley

Bending over to please people is hazardous to our health,

For to yield to the desire to fit in leads to the ominous theft

Of our self-esteem along with the small size of our aplomb,

And we find ourselves acting against type with no qualms.

The amazing zest that we once had for life soon disappears,

As we spend so much of our time living in anxiety and fears

That we’ll never measure up while answering to the others,

As the trueness of who we really are we tend to smother.

So, stay upright and appreciate the greatness of who you are,

And remember to always see yourself in your eyes as a star

Whose light the world needs so much more than that fake you,

Consistently remembering that to thine own self be true.

Written for the Photo Challenge from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie #397. I sed also the Three Things Challenge #838 from Pensitivity 101: yield, zest, act. Fandango Word of the Day Challenge is Answer.

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