Peace that Surpasses Understanding

It has been a while since I felt at peace, and part of the reason was I felt I needed to be true to what I felt was God’s will in my life. Even though writing two blogs is time-consuming, I find it invigorating, because I am rading my Bible each day and being reminded at every turn of the scriptures that have helped me to survive events that seemed insurmountable and increased my faith.

I wanted to share today’s Daily Devotional on this blog, to give my reades a sense of what I do on the other blog. I still have a lot of work to do to have Huldah’s Sisters the way I want it, and the support people at WordPress will be glad when I do, for I am a constant visitor to the chat these days. The devotional today is titled, “How Big is Your God?” It is a reminder that we are more than conquerors, no matter the scope of our problems.

I wrote once that I was an encourager, and that I truly liked that part of myself, having been someone who wasn’t encouraged as a young girl to believe in myself or to consider that I was a valuable human being. I had to let go of the negative advice often given in anger, and I had to learn to seek positive people who spoke kind and needful words.

There is a peace I feel today that has been lacking in my life, and I am so thankful that today, even with all that needs doing, I asked Douglas to drive to a state park that we haven’t yet visited and just walk in the beauty of God’s great creation. I remember a song that the adults used to sing in our little Baptist church, What a Friend We Have in Jesus, and the end to one of the verses was “you will find some solace there.”

That is what I seek today, comfort in knowing that God is in control, and there is gfew places better to find comfort and joy than in nature, hearing birds sing and frog croak. Douglas’s son, whom I call the Young Warrior, a magnificent step-son, is in Portugal and tested positive for Covid this week. Thankfully, he is vaccinated and only experiencing fatigue. So, off to the mountains to be reminded that no problem is bigger than the God who created the mountains and the winds. Thank you for reading!

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