It is the Heart that Matters in Loving Others!

A Thank-You Card to God and Douglas

He Loves Me!

This week at one of my doctor visits, I caught sight of my husband staring in worry. Then, he touched my face, and I felt so loved. I thought I need to write a blog about this amazing love, because there is so much negative in the world. People need to know that love overcomes so much that seems unchangeable.

We come from different races and social classes.

You had riches and allowances, and I had none.

You had vacations to exciting places, and I stayed home.

So, we should be as different as the moon and the sun.

But, we have through faith endured the worst of life,

And found that what matters is the rhythm of our hearts.

And still, I marvel some days at the intensity of your love,

And knowing that we will be together until death do we part.

4 thoughts on “It is the Heart that Matters in Loving Others!

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  1. Regina, the love Douglas has for you is so precious. Also, you receive this love and give love. How wonderful is the gift of God of Douglas to you and the gift of you to him. God loves you so much!


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