We Are Not the Enemy

I know that everyone will see something different in the photo, which is the essence of a photo challenge, but the face reminded me of George Floyd. I apologize in advance if I make anyone uncomfortable.

Photo credit Sarah Whiley

Sleep on, my brother George, and know that you are missed.

A core of your black brothers and sisters became a corps

Against the faux patriots that define us as America’s foe,

Refusing to be silent, they chose instead to let their voices roar.

Written for the Photo Challenge #401 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. I also used the prompts from the Saturday Mix, Double Take, from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: core and corps, faux and foe.

3 thoughts on “We Are Not the Enemy

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  1. It is a beautiful poem. We should all be at least a little uncomfortable. But that doesn’t mean you should apologize. Growth is uncomfortable and if we are to grow together then we have to face what is.

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  2. lovely poem and photo. Apologizing for making someone uncomfortable seems unnecessary to me. There’s an implication that other’s responses are your responsibility. My response there is that is a way of keeping one subdued. The number of individuals who make change when comfortable is small.


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