It Matters How You Define Love

Photo by Olga Solodilova @Unsplash

She held the roses in her hand, and sighed loudly as he looked on.

She ruminated on what had happened to using original thought.

She’d held out slender hope that this year would be different,

A gift he’d made for her rather than always things bought.

He looked at her sadness and wished he could understand

Why she couldn’t cherish the roses and dinner each year?

You’d think that she would at least show some appreciation,

For this time away from the office could hurt his career.

How can they find a middle ground and restart their love affair?

We’d like to see a happy ending, for, after all, it is Valentine’s Day.

But I don’t think that they can supply the happiness each seek,

For it’s evident they see life and loving in such widely different ways.

Written for What Do You See #121. Ragtag Daily Prompt is Slender. Word of the Day is Cherish. The Daily Spur prompt is Original.

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