The Artist’s Apprentice: Never Underestimate Another’s Gift

Photo Credit to Sarah Whiley

Gary knew that when he was asked by his sister, Janet, to allow his nephew, Mick, to be his apprentice that a day would come when he would hear, Oops!, for Mick seemed prone to accidents. But, he loved his sister so much that he just couldn’t tell her no. But, this time, Mick had went too far!

He had gone into his studio, and there stood a robust and excited Mick with the sculpture of angel’s wings that were supposed to be all white, but were now multicolored. Gary had yelled at Mick, “Have you ever seen a picture of angels with colored wings?” Mick had responded that he had just thought that colored lights were more like what God, the Great Artist who created the Grand Canyon and the oceans, would do.

Mick lowered his head in shame, and he turned and went back to his little room at the back of the cottage. He felt so defeated. Maybe everyone was right when they said that he couldn’t do anything right. Then, Gary, upset but not wanting to destroy the lad’s confidence, came into his little cell in the back of his studio, and he told him that everything was alright. He invited Mick to join him in installing the wings near the beach.

A few days later, they awoke to a disturbance outside the studio. People were lined up to request a pair of colorful angel’s wings. The wings were a great hit, and Gary marveled that Mick shared with him that same energy and gift for seeing the world differently that artists need. They made a lot of wonderful art together over the next few years, and Mick’s talent blossomed until the apprentice became the teacher.

Fictional Story written for the Photo Challenge #404 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Fandango prompt is Robust. Ragtag Daily prompt is Apprentice. Word of the Day is Oops. The Daily Spur prompt is Disturbance. Three Things Challenge #883 from Pensitivity 101 are Yell, Tell, Cell.

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