Beware of People With Vacant Hearts

Photo Credit to Carter Saunders @ Unsplash

He spoke sweet words from between smiling lips,

And she missed his pernicious danger from the start.

No one had schooled her on what to look for

In a man with a vacancy in his dastardly heart.

He made a quip about women as easy pickings,

That it wasn’t difficult to pull the wool over their eyes.

But thankfully for her another woman came along

And warned her that he wasn’t one of the good guys.

So, teach your daughters when they are young

That everyone who smiles at you don’t mean you well.

For often the man who speaks with a velvet tongue

Has no feelings where his heart is meant to dwell.

Written for What Do You See #123 from Sadje at Life Ater 50. Fandango prompt is Quip. Ragtag Daily Prompt is Wool. Word of the Day Challenge is Pernicious. The Daily Spur prompt is Velvet.

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