Giving Animals Respect in Their Habitat

Photo Credit to Pobble 365

His black shadow that was against the sky

Caused me to stop right there in my tracks.

He looked frail, yet I knew I should fear him,

So I turned aound and found my way back.

Sequestered in a house in the forest,

I knew that this was his home, not mine.

So, I approached the bridge very quietly,

Saddened by his trial, for they were in decline.

He had a right to be afraid of us Two-legs

Who took more of his habitat each day.

But, on this night, in the beauty around us,

I didn’t do anything to impede his way.

I gave him the respect that he was due,

Recognizing that I was visiting, not him.

Tears came to my eyes as I walked away,

Because his chances of surviving are grim.

Written for the Photo Challenge #412 from Mindlovemisery Menagerie. Fandango prompt is Sequestered. Ragtag prompt is Bridge. The Daily Spur prompt is Approach. Three Things Challenge #956 prompts from Pensitivity 101 are Trial, Frail, and Black.

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