An Abrupt Ending to the Wedding

How Sue and Charles ever made it to the altar was a surprise! Each time I had dined with them, Charles had seemed to create a new vernacular, having a preoccupation with appearing smarter than everyone else. It made for tense moments, when Sue would ask him to repeat the word or if he meant another term altogether. He needed to do everything differently and exaggeratedly.

When Charles gathered a choir to represent him giving his vows, rather than him just repeating after the preacher, the nuptials ended pretty quickly.

Written for Weekend Writing Prompt #263 from Sammiscribbles: Vernacular in 90 words. Also the Three Things Challenge from Pensitivity 101: gather, represent, choir. Fandango prompt is Tense. Ragtag Community prompt is Create. Word of the Day Challenge is Nuptials. The Daily Spur prompt is Preoccupation.

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