Finding a Safe Landing Spot!

From our birth, life is full of times when we need to find safe landing spaces, occasions when we seek places where joy abides. Like the birds, sometimes it is tricky to identify the best places to land, so you take what you can get, while contemplating your next move towards finding that sweet spot.The plain truth is that joy abides in us, for the joy of the Lord is our strength! But we often fail to recognize the strength and power over our own lives and how we respond to the trials of this life. It’s a lesson parents too often fail to teach young people, and one that we sometimes learn much too late.

Written for Photo Challenge #442 from Mindlovemisery Menagerie. Also includes the Three Things Challenge # M163 from Pensitivity 101: Life, birth, occasion, and Fandango Word of the Day: Plain.

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