Any Sensible Place Will Do

Wish I was on the Enterprise.

In a galaxy far away from earth.

A place where common sense rules,

And intelligence once more has worth.

Where misinformation and lies  

Are not used as political distractions.

A place where truth prevails,

And being honest is the main attraction.

Integrity and honor would be required

Of the people holding public offices,

For I’m tired of the duplicity and craziness

That makes me feel quite nauseous.

Written for the Weekend Writing Prompt from Sammiscribbles: Enterprise in 73 words.

4 thoughts on “Any Sensible Place Will Do

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    1. Yes, they are Native American mounds in Etowah, Georgia. I love to visit these places. I can almost feel the presence of Native Americans enjoying their lives before they were summarily destroyed for greed.


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