Amazing Love, Forever Love, A Mother’s Love

Photo Credit: Alisa Dyson@ Pixabay

They placed him in my arms, and I immediately knew

Nothing would ever reduce my love for that child.

I held him with sturdy hands, for to me, he was royalty.

And my black knight, majestic in his brown skin, just smiled.

On Mother’s Day each year, I try to be tranquil and sedate,

Remembering how his laughter brought me so much joy.

But the pain in my heart from his loss brings tears to my eyes,

Because even as a man with integrity, he was still my little boy!

Mother’s Day is sweet and sad, as I appreciate and am thankful for my living children but so miss the one gone home to glory! Written for What Do You See #186 from Sadje. Fandango prompt is Reduce. Ragtag Daily prompt is Sturdy. The Daily Spur prompt is Integrity. The three things Challenge from Pensitivitiy 101 is Sedate, Majestic, and Royalty,

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