In Travel Mode: Ahing and Oohing

Douglas and I are in lovely Alicante, Spain, and after we awakened this morning, the first thing seen was the Mediterranean Sea. My heart did a happy dance. We arrived last night at nearly midnight, having gotten lost leaving the Alicante Airport in our rental car. We could not fathom how we got lost, but God was gracious, and Douglas’s phone came to the rescue.

We found our way in the dark, no less, and were soon ensconced in a beautiful apartment 100 meters from the beach. We found to our surprise and delight that life is popping with energy on a Sunday night, as the nightclubs across the street were in full fun mode. We sat out on the covered patio and ate a very late dinner. With the patio doors closed, the party going on across the street became a dull hum, but I did not sleep until after 3:00 in the morning, too excited after over 24 hours of traveling.

We are going shopping for food and a new pocketbook, as my old trusty traveling purse tore up as I pulled on it on the last leg of our trip. I will miss it, but here’s to a new one and a chance to use our Spanish shopping words. We will buy food as well, and then it will be time to explore, explore, explore, and rest our weary bodies by the sea.

I do plan to write a Psalm Wednesday post, as I did not do so last week because I had to preach so unexpectedly. Writing the post on th Psalms helps me remember the goodness of God to us while still in the land of the living, so I try to be faithful to the enterprise. But, life happens to us bloggers, and sometimes other aspects of our lives must take precedence.

We took a first walk inn the beach, and people from pleasing plump to very thin are in bikinis, speedos, and all manner of swimwear. That is something I like about Europeans, as it is apparent that they are not hung up on bodies, as we are in America. It is okay to be topless here for women, and the water is warmer than in Portugal, but I will stick with the routine American two piece, covering everything I can.

Also, to my great delight, the place is surrounded by mountains. Mountains, trees, flowers, beach, and blue water, oh my, make for a heart bursting with joy and peace. Well, this post is short as we headband for the bea again. I wil rest my back, as I simply rest my soul, drinking in the beauty around me. Adding a couple of pictures for you to enjoy. The picture below caught our attention, as the people are around our age. I Iike the authority who decided that family includes older people as well.




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