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I read the Bible is such a mild statement for the digging I do.  It is really more like gold mining.  Periodically, I find a nugget.  It blows my mind.  I say, really? But I was taught …. and here it says differently.  These posts will focus on the nuggets I found.  In the New Testament, I studied what Paul really said about women.  In the Old testament, I studied what is the main social ill.  It isn’t what Christians focus on.  These are just two examples of the things I plan on publishing in this blog.

As I study the Bible, I also study the other available sources.  For example, when I studied the Garden of Eden, I studied Google earth and other maps, volcanoes and types of lava fountains, the distribution of wild figs, wheat, lentils and Chickpeas, the distribution of the j2 haplotype of the y chromosome,  and serpent worship in the ancient middle east.  This sounds bad, but my study on Moses might be worse.  There, I correlated C14 dating of the New Kingdom Pharaohs, the lunar sightings of Thutmoses III and Rameses II, the eclipse of Marseli, and the Helical rising of Sothis.  Though I will try to not bore you with too much of this, I want you to see that I go deep into the Bible to find out the truth. What I have found leads me to conclude that the Bible has no problem with science. The problem is we try to change the Bible to fit what we already believe.

Remember, there are two ways to read the Bible.  First is the traditional way, you decide what you want the Bible to say, or that what “George” said is the only interpretation.  The other way is to be willing to change your mind to fit what the Bible says.  Remember, a Biblical truth that disagrees with what you believe will upset you.  I struggle with them, and hope you are willing to listen to the Bible despite feeling upset.  My goal is to publish the results of these studies no matter what popular interpretation it shows false.  May you get upset and then grow as a result.

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